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Henry Rollins
  Rollins: The Boxed Life (1993) (Imago)
  Turned On [Rollins Band] (1993) (Quarterstick)
  Big Ugly Mouth (1993) (Quarterstick)
  Sweatbox (1993) (Quarterstick)
  Live At McCabe's (1993) (Quarterstick)
  Human Butt (1993) (Quarterstick)
  Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven [w/Lunch etc] (1993) (Widowspeak)
  Weight [Rollins Band] (1996) (Imago)
  The End of Silence [Rollins Band] (1996) (Pilot)
  Everything (1996) (2.13.61)
  Come In And Burn (1997) (Dreamworks)
  Black Coffee Blues (1997) (2.13.61)
  Think Tank/Live In Australia (1998) (Dreamworks)
  Think Tank (1998) (Dreamworks)
  Insert Band Here: Live In Australia 1990 (1999) (Buddha)
  Life Time (1999) (Buddha)
  Hot Animal Machine (1999) (Buddha)
  Hard Volume (1999) (Buddha)
  A Rollins In The Wry (2001) (Quarterstick)
  Nice [Rollins Band] (2001) (Sanctuary)
  The Only Way To Know For Sure [Rollins Band] (2002) (Sanctuary)
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