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Eric Burdon
  Ultimate Comeback (2001) (NMC/Pilot)
  F Me I Thought I Was Dead (1999) (One Way Records)
  Absolutely the Best (1999) (UNI/Fuel 2000)
  Roxy Live (1998) (One Way Records)
  Night (1998) (One Way Records)
  I'm Ready (1997) (Blue Wave)
  Lost Within the Halls of Fame (1995) (BMG/Sanctuary)
  Eric Burdon Sings the Animals Greatest Hits (1994) (WEA/Rhino)
  Crawling King Snake (1994) (Thunderbolt UK)
  Wicked Man (1988) (GNP Crescendo)
  I Used To Be an Animal (1988) (Prime Cuts)
  Unreleased Eric Burdon (1982) (Blue Wave)
  Sun Secrets/Stop (1975) (WEA/Rhino)
12-18 - Kansas  more>
12-23 - Linkin Park (Rebroadcast)  more>

12-16 - Papa Roach  more>
12-11 - Heart  more>