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Frequently Asked Questions


ROCKLINE is the only nationally syndicated radio show where fans can directly help interview their favorite Rock and Roll stars live and on the air. It is believed to be the longest running uninterrupted radio show in Rock history.

How long has it been on?

This is the twenty-fifth year for the show.

Why is it on two nights?

ROCKLINE is available in two formats, Active Rock on Monday nights and Classic Rock on Wednesday nights. We feature completely different artists each night.

Why did it start on Monday nights?

Because in the early 80's, most bands weren't performing on Monday nights.

Why Wednesday for the second night?

Why not?

When did it split into two formats and why?

The show went to two nights January 1, 1999 because radio itself changed and splintered into different formats. Never accept that Rock is dead, it's alive and well in Classic, Active, Alternative, AAA, Hot AC and other formats.

Who has been on the show?

Almost everybody who is anybody in Rock. The two major holdouts are Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen.

Who has been on the most?

Ozzy Osbourne has been on nineteen times with Rush a close second at eighteen.

Who owns the show?

Longtime host Bob Coburn bought the show from Premiere-Clear Channel January 1, 2003. It is a privately held, non-corporate full blown R&R; entity.

Who have been the hosts?

B. Mitchell Reed was the original host for about six months in 1981. Bob Coburn took over late that year and held the post until 1994. ROCKLINE had three full time hosts after that, Steve Downes, Beau Rials and Rikki Rachmann. Coburn returned March 10, 1997 and has been there since.

How many shows have there been?

Somewhere around 1,650 and counting with two shows being added each week.

How many exclusive, live for ROCKLINE songs have been performed?

Our best guess is about 1,200 and counting. We know its well over 1,000. No one wants to do the math. The "Unplugged" performance trend began at ROCKLINE.

What does it take to be a guest on the show?

First, you have to fit into one of the two formats, Classic and Active Rock. Secondly, you have to have a buzz, radio play, or an album so good that it can't be ignored. We do take pride in breaking new artists on the Active show..within reason.

How big is the ROCKLINE staff?

Small. There are three full time employees and three part timers. The quality of the artists who join us make the program sound much bigger. Ad sales and radio station affiliate relations are handled by Crystal Media Networks.

What are the biggest changes since the show first debuted?

Expanding to two nights, the Internet making the show worldwide, and private, hands on ownership.

Are older, archive shows available?

YES! We've officially launched the ARCHIVES SECTION, where you can hear amazing interviews from the past 20+ years of ROCKLINE. The inventory will continue to grow, so be sure to check back frequently!

How can I hear or be on the show?

To listen, visit and click on listen live. To get on the air call 1-800-344-ROCK (7625) on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8:30pm Pacific time/ 11:30pm Eastern

My area station doesn't carry ROCKLINE live, why?

Some affiliates choose to broadcast the show at a time more convenient to them. To hear the show live follow the instructions above.

What are the three most common questions asked of host/owner Bob Coburn?

3. Who is you least favorite guest ever?
2. Who is your favorite guest ever?
1. Can I have your job?


3. No reply.
2. George Harrison
1. You are kidding, right?