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Monday September 10, 2007

Evans Blue

The remarkable Evans Blue story has roots in 2005, a scant two years ago. Five guys, three bands and one message board resulted in the creation of a Rock band that sounds like no other and yet has the air of reuniting with a long lost friend. The band laid a solid foundation by spawning two huge airplay songs with the release of their debut CD, “The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume”. One of those groundbreaking songs, “Cold”, will performed live on Rockline featuring EB members, Matisyn, Parker and Vlad. In addition to that treat, the gents also intend to perform three songs form the brand new CD “The Pursuit Begins When This portrayal Of Life Ends”. The other intended live performances include “Q (The Best One of Our Lives)”, “Pin Up” and what will apparently be the follow up to the first single “The Pursuit”, the beautiful, “In a Red Dress and Alone”. This is a band whose potential for longevity is far longer than their album titles….and these first two are among the most lengthy in the business, lol. But each of their albums is a journey in its own and worthy of names that convey mystique and offer a platform for discussion.

As the new album, hereafter known as “TPBWTPOLE”, haha, we love it, has just become available their tour schedule has yet to be announced, making this live performance on ROCKLINE even more special and noteworthy. Full information regarding the Toronto based band is at and Plus, if you haven’t heard this album yet, we’ll make sure you will get a taste because there is something special happening here that didn’t just magically appear somehow. The careful attention to detail, the way the songs are crafted and constructed and the stunning sonic presence on TPBWTPOLE will make your speakers glow, or melt as the case may be. If you’ve been missing passion and melody performed with conviction and power, then we have the real deal for you on this show with Evans Blue.

Join us for a full 90 minutes with Evans Blue as we dive into the just released CD “The Pursuit Begins When This portrayal Of Life Ends” and are treated to a rare live performance as well on this must listen ROCKLINE!

Wednesday September 12, 2007

Ann Wilson

So, your friend says, " I’m going to tell you a secret, but you can’t tell anyone about it for two and a half months." No problem, huh? Then a bombshell gets dropped on you and it takes all your will power to hold it in that long. Such is the case with the brand new CD “Hope and Glory” by Ann Wilson of Heart, in stores and on-line on 9-11. We at ROCKLINE got an advance copy months ago and swore not to play it anywhere in public. So quite often, we finish a show and just sit in our studio and listen to it together. That would be AFTER we are finished for the night. The first thing that strikes you is what an unbelievable voice Ann still possesses and then the actual song selection of this covers CD leaps out. These songs were chosen by someone who not only knows her music, but knows the music that works best for her too. The next thing that hits you is all of these other voices that you hear in addition to Ann’s unmistakable intonation and elocution. Classic voices. Familiar voices.

Of course that’s Nancy Wilson on the opening song, a goose-bump read of Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Blue Sky”. Then there’s Sir Elton on his own song “Where to Now St. Peter?” right there in beautiful harmony with Ann. Wilson surrounds herself with an incredible coterie of superstar performers including k.d. lang, Wynonna, Gretchen Wilson, Alison Krauss, Rufus Wainwright, Shawn Colvin and more. But this is no country album; this is Rock and Roll all the way with some well chosen, familiar songs and a couple of ‘are you kidding me’ selections. Who else has the courage to cover “Isolation” by John Lennon? Incredible selections and off the chart performances abound throughout on “Hope and Glory”, but there is never a doubt who the star of this album is. Ann has never sounded better, or more inspired. and are good sources for information. You can also pre-order the album on-line so you won’t have to keep it a secret for long. Trust us; it was difficult to not sneak something on the air at some point. And then there’s this final observation. Ann Wilson releases an album called “Hope and Glory” on 9-11? Now that takes guts….and confidence….and the pride rings through.

Join us as we celebrate a remarkable achievement as Ann Wilson joins us on the next ROCKLINE!

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